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I’m Brianna, a born-and-bred Willmarite with a stubborn loyalty to the land of 10,000 lakes and most notably the promised land that is Willmar, Minnesota. My favorite claims to fame from this fine hometown of mine include turkey, El Tap’s quesadillas, blended lattes from LuLu Beans, and the best Target store any town could ask for. And Fernanda’s famous pavlovas if you extend the circle to Kandiyohi County.

I’m an alumnus of Children’s Corner Preschool, Community Christian School, Willmar Junior High (now Willmar Middle School), Willmar Senior High School, and Ridgewater College. I received my journalism and public relations degree from Southeastern University during a brief stay in the south that proved once and for all that “Minnesota nice” most definitely exists. Not that I ever planned on acquiring permanent residency outside my home state. I’ll gladly take a trip closer to the equator once or twice a year, but home is where the heart is, and what can I say? I heart Willmar.

My mom was Miss New London once upon a time and my dad is a fellow WHS grad, which makes me a second-generation Willmar native. Between my parents and my grandparents, I’ve inherited a mix of blood from Pennock to Prinsburg, and if you’re wondering, yes – you and I are probably related.

My hope is that these #Willmarwins encourage you to explore everything this area has to offer and to celebrate each #win of your own as you do life in this community.

Welcome to Willmar! You’re already #winning in my book!

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