Patina Marquet in Willmar is having a SALE!

SALE at Patina Marquet!

I have some good news and some bad news…

The GOOD news is that our favorite home decor store is having a fabulous sale all weekend! Everything – yes, everything – at Patina Marquet is on SALE today (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday)! Discounts range from 10-30% off and increase with purchase totals. Now is the time to save big on the beautiful handcrafted furnishings and home accessories you’ve been pining after…

Not that I would know.

{Lies. I totally know. Let’s just say I was in the 30% range…}

I should also mention that Patina is the perfect place to find a Christmas gift for that person that has everything. It’s hard to go wrong with an original creation! You can see some of these creations on the Patina Marquet Facebook page.

The BAD news…and possibly good news…is that Patina is also FOR SALE. Sad face! I love this specialty store full of friendly faces and one-of-a-kind pieces. I can’t even tell you how many little accessories I’ve made room for in my own tiny living space! Serving trays, kitchen towels, vintage signs, and the sturdiest ottoman I’ve ever seen top the list. BUT the Patina Marquet crew is holding out hope that the perfect buyer will come along and snatch up this cute little shop.

So heads up, all you crafty people! This place is gold!

Patina Marquet, we consider you a major #Willmarwin and we hold out hope that this is just a “see ya later” before the right buyer makes the decision to continue on with the charming shop you’ve created!

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