Hello, Willmarites, and welcome to #WillmarWins!

If you’re anything like me, you probably feel out of the loop sometimes when it comes to Willmar and the surrounding areas. You wonder what – if anything – is going on in this community, and you get frustrated when you Google to no avail, finding nothing but two-year-old Yelp! reviews and old calendars that have never been updated. Restaurants open and close; events come and go, and half of us don’t seem to know about any of it until it’s all over.

Maybe you love this town as much as I do, and you know that there must be hidden gems waiting to be discovered around the Willmar area and Kandiyohi County (That’s can-dee-o-HIGH for you foreigners, not can-dee-YO-hee like some Twin Cities natives might incorrectly suggest).

Or maybe you’ve found these gems already, and you’re dying to spread the word!

Where can you find the most decadent desserts in all of Kandiyohi County? Do any stores around here stay open 24-7? What’s on the menu at LuLu Beans? Which lake is best for families with young kids? What is there to do in this town?

Let’s find out. There are plenty of #wins to be found in the Willmar area, and I’m determined to pin them down, with your help!

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